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Welcome to the Official Kevin Spencer Website where you can get information, pictures, reviews, sounds and more wonderful things about Kevin Spencer!

Kevin hails from Hamilton, Ont., CAN, this guitar player/drummer/vocalist has completed seven Canadian tours, three U.K. tours, two U.S. tours, a Lilith Fair tour and one performance for the Queen of England.   Kevin finished starring in the Non Equity Tour of Tony Award winning Broadway musical, RENT.   He now resides in Atlanta, GA.  He is working on his first solo album, and touring as well.


Where is Kevin now?

The Collins tour of RENT is now over.  Kevin will be living in Atlanta, GA for a while, working on his album and touring the US.  He has also developed another site for himself; a link can be found on the "Links" page!  Check it out!

The CDs are no longer available.  Sorry!

Please e-mail me with any questions, comments, or suggestions for this site.  Your input is greatly appreciated!